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One of the most poppin’ places on Georgia Tech’s campus is Clough Commons. The learning center stays open 24 hours, and there’s always something going on.  We spent 24 hours straight gathering pictures and video to get to the heart of one of the most unique college facilities in the country.

Our hour-by-hour look inside includes nap spots, secret showers, and even a Tom Petty cover song. —

All-female team wins 2014 InVenture Prize for inventing a mobile toilet for the world’s refugees.

An inexpensive, mobile solution to help nearly 2.6 billion people worldwide who don’t have access to hygienic bathrooms won the 2014 InVenture Prize at Georgia Tech Wednesday night. Team Sanivation received $20,000, a free U.S. patent filing by Georgia Tech’s Office of Technology Licensing and a spot in this summer’s class of Flashpoint, a Georgia Tech startup accelerator program.

Team Sanivation’s Safi Choo Toilet is a safer, cleaner way of using a toilet to replace the pit latrines often found in the developing world and refugee camps. The device has received preliminary support from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Second place went to the Sucette Smart Soother, a modernized pacifier designed to fit more naturally with a baby’s mouth and growing dental structure. The pacifier changes color when the baby has a fever.

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