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Georgia Tech student will sport first-ever 3D printed shoes during Miss America Pageant

Maggie Bridges, a senior at Georgia Tech, will be sporting these awesome shoes at the Miss America Pageant later this month.

“I feel like being a female at Tech, it’s kind of your duty to break stereotypes,” Maggie says.

Three Georgia Tech industrial design students helped Maggie design and construct the shoes.

Maren Sonne, Jordan Thomas, and Julia Brooks spent countless hours on the project.

After sketching out designs and discussing science and engineering themes, team of students ultimately decided to go with a riff on the Ramblin’ Wreck.

The students used a laser cutter to produce a finely detailed grill almost identical to to the front of Tech’s beloved Model A Sport Coupe.  The headlights were created on a 3D printer. The wheels affixed to the shoe are a combination of acrylic whitewalls, and 3D printed tires (complete with tread detail).

Those iconic white running boards were replicated by casting the basic shape, then heat molding the material to form to the shape of the shoe.  The students even paid attention to providing a Georgia Tech touch on the heels, using a laser cutter and create a complex black and gold honeycomb pattern.

Miss Georgia, Maggie Bridges, will wear the custom-engineered footwear in the Miss America parade to be held on September 13 in Atlantic City. The live broadcast of the finals will air on ABC Sunday, September 14th

We can help Maggie get into the finals by logging on and voting for Miss Georgia on

Why We Love Georgia Tech’s President and First Lady So Much

During freshman move-in, Georgia Tech President Bud Peterson offers to help students and their families, and when he does, he actually carries heavy things.


President Peterson makes a mini-fridge look easy.


What better welcome to the university than the friendly face of Georgia Tech’s first lady, Val Peterson?


Welcome to campus!

Georgia Tech Named One of the Best Public Colleges in America by Money Magazine.


#12 Best Public Colleges

From Money: “For in-state students, Georgia Tech is one of the lowest-cost technology-focused colleges in MONEY’s top 50. The typical student has SAT scores in the 700s, and undergraduate classes are reported to be demanding.

Georgia Tech students, who have ample opportunities to assist in faculty research, do well on the job market, reporting average earnings of more than $60,000 within five years of graduation—just above the average for graduates of other tech schools.

Georgia Tech is also the top ranked instituttion in the State of Georgia.

#42 Georgia Tech
#62 University of Georgia
#156 Emory University
#307 Agnes Scott

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Georgia Tech Will Offer Full Scholarships to Top Atlanta Public Schools Students

Georgia Tech will of automatic admission and a full-tuition scholarship to valedictorians and salutatorians from every high school in the Atlanta Public Schools System.

Students will have to meet course requirements, that includes taking a math course at the pre-calculus level or above.

Students will be able to begin classes as early as the 2015 Summer semester.

Georgia Tech Named One of Top 10 Automotive Colleges in America by CarFax

CARFAX assembled a list of America’s top colleges for students looking to build a career in the automotive industry. Their recommendation: study mechanical engineering. Georgia Tech has that covered. Our Mechanical Engineering program is ranked #3 in the nation by U.S. and World Report.


CARFAX also looked at schools that don’t only focus on technical skills, but also give you the chance to build business knowledge, take part in extra-curricular competitions and get relevant work experience through internships and co-ops. We’ve got that covered too.

CARFAX writes: “In 2012, Georgia Tech’s George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering overhauled its curriculum to offer exceptional flexibility. Students can now choose to take a multidisciplinary path or concentrate in one specialized area.image

They also mentioned opportunities for the automotive-minded students at Georgia Tech: Formula SAE, Baja, Solar Car, HyTech and Wreck Racing teams

Here’s the list:
Georgia Tech
Michigan State
California Tech
UC Davis
Purdue University
Michigan Technical University
University of Michigan
Kettering University

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