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Walking can recharge your spirit, soon it might recharge your smartphone.

By the end of 2014 some experts estimate there will be more mobile electronic devices on earth than people. Researchers at Georgia Tech have teamed up with the National Science Foundation to develop a  backpack device that captures mechanical energy from the natural vibration of human walking and converts it into electrical energy.

As the wearer walks, the rhythmic movement that occurs as his/her weight shifts from side to side causes the inside surfaces of the plastic sheets to touch and then separate, touch and then separate. The periodic contact and separation drives electrons back and forth, producing an alternating electric current.

The backpack will likely be able to generate between 2 and 5 watts of energy as the wearer walks—enough to charge a cell phone or other small electronic device. Awesome.

Georgia Tech Graduate is One of the World’s Elite Fighter Pilots

Lt. Jenny Lentz Moore (Aerospace Engineering, ‘05) is doing something only a handful of pilots in the world can even attempt. She’s landing F-18s on aircraft carriers at night. She’s featured in the latest edition of Georgia Tech Alumni magazine —

How Cities Use Design To Drive Homeless Away

Robert Rosenberger, an assistant professor of philosophy in the School of Public Policy at Georgia Tech has written about how cities develop unique ways to discourage the homeless from sleeping in public.

In London, metal spikes have been poured into concrete outside buildings. It didn’t take long for protestors to complain. As Rosenberger explains, the spikes are just the latest tactic used in cities. Many of the others are very common, but you might not realize they are there.

"Homelessness is of course a persistent and pervasive problem, and of course solutions are neither simple nor easy. But on the issue of the design and policy of public spaces, it is important to keep a view of what values guide our decision making, and what alternative values may also warrant consideration,” Rosenberger says.

Rosenberger also notes that even park benches have been designed to prevent homeless people from laying on them.

Some designers are taking a proactive approach and incorporating safe spaces for homeless into their designs.

Read the full article posted in The Atlantic here.

3 Georgia Tech Students are Finalists in Miss Georgia Pageant

Brains and Beauty. Georgia Tech has three finalists competing for the title of Miss Georgia.  Each one of them is smart, talented, and accomplished. All three are fantastic representatives of our Institute.


Maggie Bridges studies business administration and pre-health. She’s the eldest of five children and was raised on a farm in Southwest Georgia. She’s also worked as a FASET leader helping freshmen get acclimated at orientation. Maggie also won a preliminary fitness award.


Meredith Crawley is a business administration major who has volunteered with the Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Miracle Network and Relay for Life while a Yellow Jacket. She’s also a member of Georgia Tech’s all-female a cappella group, Nothin’ But Treble.

CLICK HERE for video of an amazing a cappella version of Adele’s bond theme Skyfall sung by none other than Meredith herself.


Patricia Ford is a management major who has interned at the Weather Channel and the Atlanta Ballet. She won both of her preliminary talent and fitness competitions.  She also works with the Georgia Tech Communications Center and is a tour guide for visiting students and families. 

Oh, and she’s also a former Goldrush Dance Team member.

We are proud of all three of you and glad you are part of the Yellow Jacket family! Best of luck to  Maggie, Meredith, and Patricia.

Maya Angelou at Georgia Tech in 2006: Be the Composer of your life.

Maya Angelou spoke to thousands at Georgia Tech in 2006.

"See what can happen when you decide to become, take responsibility of, becoming a composer. Having the courage to compose your lives so that you can be an inspiration. You can create the light and shine on people who may not be like you," Angelou encouraged.

Today, we remember the inspiration and legacy her loss leaves behind.

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